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When you have plumbing in your house, someday you're going to have some problems. And when you do have a problem, it's good to know who to call for help and advice.

Some of the common problems Lane County residents may encounter will be drips, leaks and slow-moving drains.

Oregon plumbing contractorDrips will happen because elements of faucets, fixtures and valves will eventually wear and then start to drip, so they need replacement or maintenance.

Pipe leaks are also common. Almost any kind of water or drain pipe — copper, galvanized, plastic, steel or cast iron — may develop a leak at some time. Some of the most damaging types of leaks are the hidden, slow leaks that go unnoticed for a long time, leading to expensive restoration.

The insides of drains and pipes have the tendency of getting smaller over time as organic, inorganic and other gunk builds up inside them. Sometimes pipes get plugged due to a single obstruction, but a good Eugene plumber will have the tools to clear these obstructions.

Kevin Cohen Plumbing is based in Eugene Oregon, but they also provide residential and commercial plumbing services in Florence, Cottage Grove, Coburg, Creswell, Drain, Springfield and the rest of Lane county.

Eugene Sewer is a full-service local company that performs all types of plumbing operations and remodels, including emergency repairs.

Roto-Rooter is a Eugene plumbing company, offering all kinds of services, such as opening up clogged drains and garbage disposal repair, to homeowners and business owners.

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Live in an area that has hard water? It doesn't affect a lot of homeowners in western Oregon, but other parts of the country, especially the upper midwest, have water that is too hard for some homeowners' appliances. The answer -- easy, a good water softener. They cost money, and they have monthly maintenance, but they are worth it.
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Does your house have old water damage that has manifested into a mold problem? It's a big, serious issue. Mold Mover is a group of trained experts who can get out to your home and clean it up safely and quickly.

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